Bradley Taylor-Hicks has been immersed in the ancient culture and spiritual traditions of his native England for 25 years. Having spent most of his life working in and for museums, his perspective on craftsmanship and love of European folk culture has led to his embracing a largely Radical Traditionalist view of the world.

Rune set hand carved from mammoth tusk and stained with red ochre

Deeply invested in rune-work, he has held many workshops on runic meditation and chanting, as well as conducting ritual at numerous gatherings. Taking craft into the esoteric, Bradley carves custom amulets, talismans and ritual artifacts using a number of different disciplines, ultimately manifesting will into matter through art.


Bradley’s graphic design work has been featured in a number of different publications, including “The Nine Doors of Midgard”, “A Northern Dawn” and “The Book of Troth” by Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers.

Founder of the Hræfn Wudu Folk Kindred over ten years ago, he lives close to the Atlantic shore in Florida, with his wif and hund and an ever growing library.