Albion Grove is a manifestation of magical energies brought to life by my hands as both a  craftsman and man of ‘The Craft’.  Having spent  25 years pursuing British magical traditions and 20 years in traditional crafts, I have turned my hand to the ancient art of creating ritual items.  Specializing in custom jewelry, wands, horns, incense and altar pieces, each is handmade with a special eye to the significance of the materials and symbols selected.  Relying on years of rune-work, ritual and research, I create my work with utmost care and thoughtfulness.  These pieces can be custom ordered or you can find me at any number of Celtic festivals, Medieval Faires and Craft shows around the Southeastern US.  (Schedule and details to come)

Albion. The word evokes the mystery of the British Isles.  The ancient name for a land not yet forgotten, where nature becomes the great communicator between Gods and man.  Albion is a place whirling in esoteric teachings, from Ice Age Shamans to the Priests of Stonehenge, from the Celtic Druids to the Saxon Wicce,  from the Norse Völva to the country wisdom of the Cunning Folk.  Lessons forged on the anvil of time were passed from mouth to ear, and carved in stone, bone and wood.

Grove. The sacred space, claimed by  villagers or wild-folk. No building, but under the dome of the heavens, surrounded by the guardian trees.  Here they would gather, here they would dance, here they would honour ancestors and manifest the unseen forces.  The forest or the shore, the mountaintop or the hillside, these places where subtle energies met and  folk could gather together, became the sacred groves for generations.


The Craft

Albo Südekum from Apibus wearing an Uruz rune pendant made from Auroch bone and stained with red ochre

Every effort is made to utilize responsibly sourced natural components. Often the pieces are made using fossilized materials including Aurochs Bone and Mammoth tusk from Europe. Depending on the piece, it may contain hand carved beads from woods with particular esoteric significance. I also use horn, antler, horse hoof clippings, animal teeth, bone, leather, copper and iron.



Custom Charms


A true charm bracelet

A Charm is it’s own spell, a talisman that holds a special meaning to the owner.   Using unique materials and magical symbolism, the charm bracelet, is created after consultation  with you. Together we create a one of a kind item of magical jewelry to match your spiritual and aesthetic needs.  The charms seemingly hum with subtle energies, each significant to you.


Artist Aldo Requena with his custom charm bracelet from Albion Grove

Part of my craft is gathering the necessary materials for the work.  As well as fossils, I have gathered wood from iron age hillforts, sharks teeth washed up during a hurricane,  grown and wild harvested herbs and traded with other Cunning Rustics for their magical materials.  If I don’t have the particular material you are looking for, I can often find ways to source them (within reason).


Custom Horns

A horn engraved with the Valknut symbol with a hand-mixed Ochre stain

Drinking horns are a focal point for many following Teutonic and Celtic traditions.  I learned horning from a master, Clark Wullenweber, whose horns have been displayed at museums around the US and whose work was also presented to King Juan Carlos II of Spain.  Taking these lessons, Albion Grove carries horns that have been engraved, carved or even branded for your use.  All horns are food safe, unlined and finely finished, as were the horns of our ancestors. Whether you are looking for a small personal horn to carry to the woods for private rituals, or massive horns to be filled with multiple bottles of mead for your next hall gathering, let me know, and I’ll find the perfect horn to match your needs.

Your Ritual Needs

Amie Beckwith-McBride from Horse Cult with a custom Rune Stave necklace in antler, with bone, tooth and horn beads.

Whether a pendant or a true ‘Charm’ bracelet, each rune is hand engraved, each amulet carved, and each mystery whispered through the very fiber of each piece during creation.  Each Item is made carefully by hand, one at a time, Custom orders usually take 4 to 6 weeks to create, and vary in price depending on the intricacy of the work and the materials used.

As well as pendants and charm bracelets, I can also offer wands, staffs, ogham sets and runestaves, ritual bags, custom incense and more.  Feel free to contact me for special items and other inquiries using the form below.

As well as hand-crafted jewelry, Albion Grove carries a limited number of quality ritual goods, jewelry and books from Europe and the USA.

Stay posted for upcoming art shows and information on new pieces.

Embrace the Mystery.  Create the Mystery.

Woden pendant in antler

Herne pendant with hunting bindrune

Herb gathering bag with Alligator bone and hide, bone button.

Antler Pendant with Neolithic Cup and Ring style carving

Antler pendant with custom bindrune and wooden beads.


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