doggerland charms

Doggerland.  The very name inspires mystery.   This place where my ancestors  fished, hunted, danced, worshiped and thrived.  Over 8,000 years ago, the land that connected Britain with Scandinavia and continental Europe was washed over by the North Sea tides, hiding its mystery and forever shaping our world.  From a mystical time when the Thames flowed through marshes to meet the Rhine, our imagination has been captured by the Atlantis of the North Sea.

Inspired by that mystery, I have created my own line of jewelry.  Doggerland Charms.


Each item of jewelry is made with responsibly sourced natural components. Often the pieces are made using fossilized materials including Aurochs Bone and Mammoth tusk. Depending on the piece, It may contain hand carved beads from woods with particular esoteric significance. I also use horn, antler, horse hoof clippings, wolf teeth, bone, leather, copper and iron.  All bindings and catches are nickel free.



A True Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelets.

A Charm is it’s own spell, a talisman that holds a special meaning to the owner.   Using unique materials and magical symbolism, the charm bracelet, is created after consultation  with you. Together we create a one of a kind item of magical jewelry to match your spiritual and aesthetic needs.  The charms seemingly hum with subtle energies, each significant to you.

Whether a pendant or a true ‘Charm’ bracelet, each rune is hand engraved, each amulet carved, and each mystery whispered through the very fiber of each piece during creation.  Each Item is made carefully by hand, one at a time, Custom orders usually take 4 to 6 weeks to create, and vary in price depending on the intricacy of the work and the materials used.  Feel free to contact me for special items and other inquiries using the form below.

Stay posted to The Cunning Rustic for upcoming art shows and information on new pieces.  Feel free to contact me for special items and custom work.

Embrace the Mystery.  Create the Mystery.